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  • 10 vibes for Bartın

    like locals

    Hamams (Turkish Baths) of Bartın; You have two options for going to hamam in Bartın, City Bath and Amasra Bath. City Bath was built in 1747 by Bartın Voivodeship Çalıkoğlu. Somaklıoğlu Bath-Bartın It was built in 1883 by Somaklıoğlu Hacı Mustafa Bey. Its remains have survived to the present day. Amasra Bath have been built in the 17th century. There are cold, warm, three wash basins, water tanks and a furnace. The bathing place is covered with a middle dome and two semi-domes. The cold section is demolished. "Biye" s seen on four corners bear the typical architectural features of the Anatolian Principalities period.

    Amasra Salad; Unique to Amasra, it offers a visual feast with the use of oil, vinegar, pomegranate syrup and at least thirty-six kinds of materials in red, orange, green and yellow colors and different flavors.

    Bartın River; It was called Parthenios in BCE and gave its name to the city. river, 15 km flows and reaches the Black Sea at the Bosphorus location.

    Güzelcehisar Lava Columns; The lava columns on the coast of Güzelcehisar Village, estimated to be 80 million years old, offer a visual feast. 80 million years ago, there was a large arc-shaped volcanic activity in the region along the mountains of the Black Sea.

    Küre Mountains National Park; Küre Mountains National Park, was declared as a national park in 2000, is located within the borders of Bartın and Kastamonu. The Park, which is 16 km from Bartın center and 80 km from Kastamonu center, has an area of 37,754 hectares. Kure Mountains National Park is among the 100 forest hotspots that need to be protected in Europe.

    Beaches; The 59 km-long coastal section of Bartın reaching the sea with steep and forested slopes is interesting with its extraordinarily beautiful bays and vegetation cover with colors. 

    Walks in the Nature; Bartın springs are attractive areas with green forests at an average altitude of 1000 meters and temporary residences like speckles in the middle, rich flora and fauna and magnificent landscapes. Bartın offers rich options for hikers looking for new tracks.

    Hunting; Bartın has a rich hunting and wild life. Only 40 mammal species and 129 bird species have been found in Bartın-Kastamonu Küre Mountains National Park. During the season in Bartın, land hunting is possible in regions such as Uluyayla, Kurucaşile rural areas, Kayabaşı, Kayadibi, Büyükdüz, Sarıçicek, Kokurdan, Turanlar. It is possible to find game animals such as duck, goose, quail, toy, turtleneck, woodcock, deer, rabbit and wild goat in the region.

    Fishing; It is possible to catch fish species such as haddock, horse mackerel, clownfish, bluefish, mullet, turbot, bonito, garfish and bream with different fishing techniques.

    Marinas; Amasra and Kurucaşile ports are available for yacht overnight stays. Kurucaşile is known as the place where the mountains touch the water and the first wooden boat built in the world was floated. Türkiye's reputation continues today as the place where the beautiful wooden schooners.