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    Küre Mountains National Park 

    Küre Mountains National Park which was declared as a national park in 2000, is located within the borders of Bartın and Kastamonu.

    The Park, which is 16 km from Bartın center and 80 km from Kastamonu center, has an area of 37,754 hectares. Kure Mountains National Park is among the 100 forest hotspots that need to be protected in Europe. Park, which hosts 129 bird species in terms of the forest bird "Important Bird Areas of Türkiye" is located in the list. In addition, it includes 1050 plant species and 43 species of plants only live here in the world. It has been determined that 71 different mammal and reptile species live in the area. In addition, lynx, wild cats, otters, brown bears, and of the 132 species of mammals live in Türkiye, along with mammals such as red deer are on the hosting up to 30.

    Arched cave located within the boundaries of the National Park is located in Türkiye's deepest caves.

    You can breathe the scent of a wonderful vegetation with the clean air in Bartın's vast oxygen source national park and plateaus.

    Bartın Plateaus: Gezen Plateau, Zoni Plateau, Uluyayla, Ardıç Plateau