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    The Ship Launching Ceremony

    It is a tradition as old as Shipbuilding, dating back 300-400 years. The launching of the ships completed in shipyards is an important cultural tradition that reflects the beliefs of the Bartın people.

    That day is almost the feast of the city. The people gathered on the seaside promenade, Yalı Street, and ships are decorated with flags, while sacrificing sheep as a tradition, ships are pulled down into the river by buffaloes accompanied by various entertainment and applause. It is also believed that the delivery of a pregnant women who watch the Ship Launch would be easy.

    Local Folk Dances and Folk Songs

    Local Folk Dances and Folk Songs are important elements of weddings in Bartın. Folk songs played with drums, flutes and with traditional instruments such as Oud, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Cümbüş and Darbuka from the early 19th century. The source of the folk songs is the private life of the local people. An event in the city, a current issue, immediately turns into a folk song and is spread from language to language.